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"1987 Portland Int'l Mail Truck Expo" stamp sheet

"1987 Portland Int'l Mail Truck Expo" stamp sheet

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If Portland, Oregon, hosted an exposition of international postal trucks in 1987, Canada Post would be there with brand new branding, Nigeria’s Nipost would be the debutante, and the eastern bloc countries would show how to apply central planning to parcel delivery. No such event happened, of course, but you can still commemorate it via the below set of limited edition stamps showing a dozen well-researched would-be participants of that fantastic non-event. They’re perforated and backed with dry glue, meaning separating them, licking them, and sticking them are all possibilities, too. Oh, and this exists because of the philatelic geniuses known as the Portland Stamp Company.

Printed in archival ink with a subtle spot gloss on a sheet of perforated 8x8" glued stamp paper. Sold in an edition of 100, unframed, signed and dated on reverse.

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