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The RB Misprint Notepad two-pack

The RB Misprint Notepad two-pack

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I make mistakes, lots of them. Thankfully, some of them take place on paper and can be cut into 4" squares, stacked an inch thick, bound with a 2" wide bulldog clip and called a "notepad". I'm making those pads available to you in pairs of two, and they're composed entirely of sliced up misprints, damaged prints, and overstock prints. 

They're white on one side, printed on a variety of high-quality papers, and include parts of whatever pieces of art I've been messing up lately. As such, I don't take requestsfate chooses what goes in each pad. But I'll do my best to make sure their "covers" are well-chosen. 

A two-pack of clip-bound notepads consisting of roughly 65 sheets of cut up misprints each. Unsigned, unless you happen to find a piece of a print that I signed before damaging and scrapping. 

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