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"305 Lost Buildings of Canada" signed softcover

"305 Lost Buildings of Canada" signed softcover

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Need a signed copy of Alex Bozikovic and I's 2022 national bestselling, AIGA honoured, Alcuin Society runner-up garnering book? You've come to the right place. Unfortunately, Alex is too far away from my studio to put pen to paper, but I'm happy to sign one and get it to you. Here are some reviews: 

305 Lost Buildings of Canada reads like a nostalgic road trip. Showing you buildings and places that you might remember, spots you've never seen, and spaces that you wish you could have seen. Sometimes sad, sometimes shocking, this volume is a beautiful blend of story, architecture, and history.” — Falen Johnson, co-host of The Secret Life of Canada

“An X-ray tour of the bolder, more adventurous urban landmarks that once populated Canada's streetscapes. They’re all gone, but Raymond Biesinger's brilliantly stylized drawings and Alex Bozikovic's deeply informed texts turn this into a lively wake for the stylish architectural ghosts that lurk along our sidewalks.” — Doug Saunders, author of Maximum Canada

“Through [Bozikovic’s] pithily informative short descriptions and [Biesinger’s] handsomely detailed black-and-white drawings, Canada’s ghostly buildings-that-were have effectively been resurrected.” — Globe and Mail

A 200-page paperback with B&W interiors and a spot-coloured cover, published by Goose Lane Editions in 2022. Signed on the title page. 

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