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Canadian Music Venues print series

Canadian Music Venues print series

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What happens if you spend years playing in bands, love expressing information visually, and suddenly find the nightlife out of reach? These oversized maps of Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg music venues past and present, each spanning more than a dozen genres and a century of history. Punk, dance, jazz, alt, metal, thrash, hiphop, new wave, world beat, big band, weirdo, cabaret, hair band, space pop, regular pop, bluegrass, blues, folkie, swing and DIY music venues? They’re all there, along with their addresses and approximate years of activity.

Note: let me stress the word “approximate” here, as this series includes a large number of educated guesses and assumptions. Info about some of these venues is rare-to-nonexistent, so please excuse the errors and drop me an e-mail if you have anything to add or change. Last updated and revised in 2023. 

Available at 24x36" or 36x24" on Epson Enhanced Matte 192 gsm paper printed with Epson UltraChrome XD2 archival ink. Sold in an open edition, unframed, signed and dated on reverse.

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