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"Control of the Potato Flea Beetle in Eastern Canada" print (1960)

"Control of the Potato Flea Beetle in Eastern Canada" print (1960)

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I'm hesitant to put too many pest-related prints in the Agricultural Arts collection, but there are a handful of black and white, well-illustrated pest booklets published by the Department's research branch in the late 1950s and early 1960s that remind me of the DIY punk zines I grew up with. Control of the Potato Flea Beetle in Eastern Canada does that for me, as does the Control of the Colorado Potato Beetle in Canada. As a pair, they give the feeling of being completed by the same person in the same coffee-fueled all-nighter. 

A booklet cover reproduction available at 12x18" or 24x36" on Epson Enhanced Matte 192 gsm paper printed with Epson UltraChrome XD2 archival ink. Sold in an open edition, unframed. The Canada Department of Agriculture wordmark on this cover has been replaced with the words ”National Farming Forum” due to Section 9 of the Canadian Trademarks Act.

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