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"Great Northern Magazines" print

"Great Northern Magazines" print

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Researching and collaging "Great Northern Magazines" together was an education in itself. My goal was to assemble a newsstand stocked with fifty or so defunct Canadian magazines, and on the way to doing so I found a patchwork of websites dedicated to niche history. informed me of a genre of mags published 1900-1950 that I hadn't an inkling about. The almost-complete RPM archives at kept me awake well past bedtime. Both of those sites are worth afternoons of examination, and every title on this print is one worth searching for online and pouring some time into. 

Also, this print is a trademark and copyright nightmare. If your work is on it and you'd like it off, let me know. I've assumed that the ideas in these long-gone mags are orphans, and that you might not mind if I give them a little extra time in the playground. 

Available at 12x16" or 18x24" on Epson Enhanced Matte 192 gsm paper printed with Epson UltraChrome XD2 archival ink. Sold in an open edition, unframed, signed and dated on reverse.

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