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"Lutte Contre les Rats et les Souris" print (1957)

"Lutte Contre les Rats et les Souris" print (1957)

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The designers of the english version of Control of Rats and Mice forgot to include the publication year on the cover, but it was published in 1956 and kept the spartan B&W aesthetic typical of other federal pest control booklets of the 1950s and early 1960s. Some looked more like DIY Xeroxed zines than government information bulletins. The January 1957 en francais version is on offer here, and its designer remembered to include the publication date when essentially reusing the English template. 

Also, the uncredited illustration is very similar to the drawing initialled "A.G." on the 1960 Control of the Potato Flea Beetle in Eastern CanadaI wouldn't be surprised if it was by the same hand. Drop a line if you can offer any info on the artist?

A booklet cover reproduction available at 12x18" or 24x36" on Epson Enhanced Matte 192 gsm paper printed with Epson UltraChrome XD2 archival ink. Sold in an open edition, unframed. The Ministère de l'Agriculture du Canada wordmark on this cover has been replaced with the words "Forum National de l'Agriculture" due to Section 9 of the Canadian Trademarks Act.

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