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"Répression des Souris, Lièvres et Chevreuils Dans les Vergers" print (1965)

"Répression des Souris, Lièvres et Chevreuils Dans les Vergers" print (1965)

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This is for those of you who've seen, first-hand, the damage mice, rabbits, and deer can do to unprotected orchardsI imagine the designer chose a martial green intentionally. Also of note: the two-colour economy and care-free title typography. Baselines and proper kerning weren't a priority for this anonymous designer (maybe it's the same designer responsible for the incredibly saggy-floaty title treatment on the 1962 Mosaic and Streak Viruses booklet), but I'm still charmed by the thing. 

A booklet cover reproduction available at 12x18" or 24x36" on Epson Enhanced Matte 192 gsm paper printed with Epson UltraChrome XD2 archival ink. Sold in an open edition, unframed. The Ministère de l'Agriculture du Canada wordmark on this cover has been replaced with the words ”Forum National de l'Agriculture” due to Section 9 of the Canadian Trademarks Act.

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